About Learning Commons

Our Learning Commons is a unique, 2 floor space that currently houses over 5000 books. As a new school, our book collection is entirely brand new. Most students who take out a book may be the first to read it. 

Elementary books are on the bottom floor and middle school books are located primarily on the second floor.   That being said, there are still lots of books that middle school students will be interested in located on the first floor. It's just easier for our middle students to navigate two floors. 

I believe the Learning Commons is the hub of the school. There are lots of events and activities that are aimed at promoting literacy and learning. Check back here often to find a link to the Learning Commons' Monthly newsletter, "Check It Out". 

Check It Out Newsletter for Stitó:s Families

Click on image below to see current newsletter.

Destiny Library Catalogue
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Book Squad 

(AKA Library Club)

This club is for students in grades 5-8 who are interested in volunteering in the Learning Commons. Students are needed for various jobs like shelving, working on displays and helping to monitor.  Application forms will be available for pick up on Fri. Sept. 8th and should be submitted by Fri. Sept. 15th, 2023. 

Pizza and Pages Book Club

This year we are going to have a monthly book club meeting for both elementary and middle students. Each month we will have a different author spotlight and students may choose to read books by that author and attend a pizza lunch where we discuss that author and the books. Stay tuned to find out who our first authors will be in the September "Check It Out" newsletter. 

Reading Link Challenge

Students in grades 4 and 5 are invited to join a club and read the 5 awesome titles that are chosen by the FVRL. Titles are announced in November and more information will be provided to the grades 4 and 5 when it becomes available.